One way of using cannabis is the method in which it was traditionally used, by smoking it. Through recent scientific methods, the extracts of the plants which produce cannabinoids have been transformed into oils. These use of these oils is one method of using cannabinoids and getting their benefits without the risk of other illnesses that can be acquired through smoking.

Before we go into detail about where to buy and get the oils, let us first look at what the oils are made of and how they are meant to be used. When we hear the word “cannabis” we often associate it with marijuana. This is not wrong at all. It is just that cannabinoids are not solely produced by the marijuana plant. Plants like hemp also produce cannabinoids, albeit at a smaller percentage. So not all cannabis oils are made from the marijuana plant, some are made from hemp and other plants. Others are even made from a mixture of them.

The use of cannabis oil is mainly a medical one. It is a good substitute for smoking medical marijuana because it gives the same benefits without some of the side effects. The use of these oils does not give a person the “high” that smoking cannabis gives. This is because most oils made for medical use contain only CBD, or cannabidiol, which does not affect the user’s brain functions.

Now let’s get into the heart of this piece, “Where to Buy Cannabis Oil?”  Buying cannabis oil is a bit complicated because of the Federal Laws that prohibit the transportation and possession of marijuana and marijuana-related products. But, as was said before, not all cannabis oils are made from marijuana. So before buying cannabis oils, make sure that they are made from hemp which is legal. Most of these oils are available online and can be shipped right to your doorstep.

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