Taking Leads Beyond the Desktop: Going Mobile

In the world of business, especially online business, lead generation is extremely important. It is not sufficient enough to simply rely on referrals. While referrals are always important and useful, they alone cannot make your business gain more customers – but leads can! Thanks to the ever-growing influence of being mobile (more customers are using smartphones and tablets, for example), you can now think about taking your leads beyond the desktop and to your mobile screen. Think that this sounds too good to be true? Think that this can’t be done? Here are some ideas on how you can take your leads to your mobile device by using a mobile app.

Make Sure That Your App Is Targeted For Your Users

Many people who attempt to go mobile with their lead generation make this mistake: they think that it’s all about marketing. As a result, they make their mobile apps centered on nothing but advertising, which is actually a big turn off to the vast majority of people! As such, your mobile app must first provide real functionality and practical benefits for the users. Then, and only then, should your mobile app focus on marketing in order to generate leads. A great example of this principle would be to add an e-commerce aspect to the app that permits users to buy your products and services while they are on the go.

Make Sure That Your App Promotes Communication

It’s always a great idea to make sure that your app promotes communication. Your user must believe that your app offers him as much of a chance to speak to you as it does for you to talk to him. The relationship has to go both ways for your prospective leads not to feel like they’re being exploited. There is also great power and benefit to be had in letting your users communicate with each other. If you integrate various social media platforms in this equation – such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus – you can see even more great results.

Make Sure That You Include a Hook

You need a sales hook to give your prospective leads that final, little push to finally take decisive action. You have to offer your user a reason that he can’t argue with for why he absolutely has to download your app. One of the most popular examples of incentivizing people in this fashion is through the use of coupons. Coupons hardly ever fail, but of course, coupons are not the only thing that you can offer your prospects in terms of a successful hook. You can also offer discounts on your products and services, and even prizes.

This is how you successfully take your leads beyond your desktop and make your mobile device work well for you in regards to lead generation! Don’t be afraid to try all three of these tips; you should try as many as you’re comfortable with so that you can increase your leads. Always remember that referrals aren’t sufficient enough to drive new customers to you.

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