December 05, 2014 06:13 PM Eastern Standard Time
SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–For the third time in seven years, online marketer Neutron Interactive has been named one of Utah’s Best Companies To Work For by Utah Business Magazine, an award that is granted based on the nomination and votes of the company’s employees.

“Neutron is very vocal about the direction the company is going in and where we will be in five to 10 years”

Since 2005, the online advertising and lead generation company has grown substantially, reaching $20 million in revenue within just nine years of life. Yet despite the growing pains and fast-paced culture, the company reserves time for fun, with an office slide, a company scooter and in-house snack bar.

“We do a team activity each month, which has been things like go-cart racing at the raceway, Lagoon, a ghost tour, golf—whatever you can think of is on the table,” explains a satisfied employee.

According to Utah Business, the input of employee team members is one of the best ways to ascertain true employee-focused personnel development and a culture that carries high engagement and strength.

Beyond the fun and games, the company is dedicated to professional development for every employee, the management team reported. In addition to educational reimbursements, the company brings featured speakers into the office, and sends employees to conferences and seminars. The company also articulates its vision clearly to employees.

“Neutron is very vocal about the direction the company is going in and where we will be in five to 10 years,” said another current team member. “It also gives every employee the opportunity for growth and development in any area they would like to excel.”

The company’s environment was also featured in a recent Thanksgiving post on Gratitude in Business: The Appreciation That inspires Employees

Despite the accolades, co-founder and CEO Dan Caffee remains humble: “We haven’t received this award every year, nor have we deserved high honors for each of the years of our life. A fast growth company requires sacrifice and adjustment, as the culture is changing dramatically during each year of our life.

“We’ve stayed attentive, learned from our experiences, and ultimately made our company stronger,” Caffee remarked.

About Neutron Interactive

Based in Salt Lake City, Neutron Interactive is an online marketing and technology company that provides high quality leads and inquiries to a variety of industries, including private sector colleges and universities. For more information about Neutron Interactive, visit

Neutron Interactive

About Neutron

Neutron Interactive is a lead generation company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company's innovative solutions have been used across a wide range of industries, including recruiting, insurance, interactive media, and education. Neutron's success has earned the company recognition on the Inc. 500 in 2010 and 2011.

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