Organic Leads: Utilizing Search Engine Optimization in Lead Generation

Search engine optimization (SEO) is quickly becoming one of the top methods for online lead generation. While social media and mobile marketing are both growing at a rapid pace, many businesses still find that they generate more leads through SEO than through any other medium. This can be tricky business, as the competition on search engines can be huge. Furthermore, keeping up with the latest formulas that major search engines like Google and Yahoo! use to determine the order of search results can be a daunting task. But with the right strategy, you can master the search engines and come up at the top of everyone’s list.

SEO: More Than Just Keywords

An important factor to remember with thinking about search results is that good SEO involves much more than just plugging in the right keywords. Yes, keywords are important, and it’s important to do some research on what the most popular keywords are for your business (you can do this using a tool like the Google AdWords keyword tool). However, search engines like Google also place importance on other factors like reputation, reliability, relevance, and originality, when determining search results. There is more to SEO than just mastering Google and Yahoo! Depending on where you are in the world, there might be another search engine that dominates the market. Find out how people in your local area search online and master whichever search engine they use most.

Generate Local Leads With Local SEO

If you’re interested in generating online leads that turn into face-to-face customers, then local SEO is the name of the game. Local SEO involves different strategies than regular SEO, as it is focused on making your business more visible in local searches like maps, rather than general web searches. One of the biggest factors to think about with local SEO is the importance of your business address. This is something that a site like Google Maps will look for when determining search results, so you need to make sure that your full contact information is prioritized on your webpage. Another good strategy to use in local SEO is to build your reputation through online reviews. Most search engines will prioritize companies with online reviews when finding local results. Just make sure your online reviews are good – you don’t want a negative review to be the first thing a potential customer sees about your company online!

Include Social Media in Your SEO Strategy

Social media is often seen as a separate sphere from SEO when it comes to marketing and lead generation. But the two are actually linked more than most people think. That’s because websites with more social authority rank higher on most search engines. The best way to build social authority is through a well-executed social media strategy. And when it comes to local SEO, increasing your presence on tools like Foursquare is a great way to ensure that your business comes up higher in local search results.

Add to all of this mobile presence, and you will quickly see that SEO does not exist in its own online vacuum. A good way to think about using SEO for online lead generation is to think of it as just one element of a coordinated marketing effort. When your social, mobile, and online marketing strategies work together, you’ll find that your website becomes a well-oiled SEO machine.

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