Navigating The Ever Changing Education Landscape

Educational institutions do not exist in a bubble.  In order to serve the needs of students, they need to flex and alter as the social climate does.  The curriculum, the delivery and even the method of instruction all need to change in order to successfully prepare students for the demands of today’s workplace and social environment. Students today have to navigate through an educational system that is in flux. In order to get the most from their commitment to knowledge, students need to be aware of these changes and make decisions accordingly.

Knowledge is Power

The new educational standard is more student-centered than ever. Recently, researchers and governments realized that many of the students entering post secondary schooling were simply not prepared to handle the workload. With high school graduation not enough to succeed in post secondary education, many students were losing interest rapidly, dropping out or simply failing.  As a result, primary and secondary curriculum is in the process of changing to one that is focused on skills relevant to today’s world while catering to the individual learning styles, strengths and interests of each student.  What results is a higher rate of success for students and a renewed interest in actually pursuing further education.

Giving College a Run for its Money

Post-secondary schooling is also in the midst of a major transition.  It is widely believed that the previous curriculum wasn’t preparing students for the demands of higher education. As a result, the average age of students attending college or university has increased. Taking advantage of this ‘gap’ between high school and university, many private institutions are now presenting real competition for traditional colleges. Offering short, inexpensive training that is market specific, students emerge from these career related programs ready to enter the work force at a higher than minimum wage rate.  A seductive option for many, entry into these programs is increasing every year.

Harnessing the Internet for Advanced Education

Higher education is being pursued by older students who have other life commitments such as jobs or families.  In order to accommodate this shift, many accredited universities are now offering degree programs entirely online.  This allows students the freedom to study wherever and whenever they like without having to make major lifestyle changes.  Degrees can be pursued at students’ own pace with plenty of support available via online forums, live chats or teleconferencing. Whereas previously a university degree required a huge commitment and definite ‘pause’ in lifestyle commitments, now any degree in any discipline can be achieved by anyone with the money and drive.

Eventually the entire educational system will transition into one powered by technology.  It will be data driven, customized to each student and pioneered by well-paid, well-respected instructors.  Students will emerge from high school with a productive skill set that prepares them for success whether it is in the workplace or in an academic setting.  With information in the hands of anyone and everyone, educational institutions will be working that much harder to ensure that what they offer is exceptional and above all else, useful.

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