How to Personalize Your Outbound Marketing Emails Without Being Pushy

They key to outbound marketing of any kind is to avoid coming across as being too pushy, desperate or exploitative. After all, your prospects can key in on this and suspect the worst of you – and there goes your sale! Instead, you have to personalize your outbound marketing emails so that you succeed in email marketing. Many self-proclaimed Internet marketers try their hand at this type of marketing every day, but only the true masters succeed. Here is how you can add a personal touch to all of your outbound marketing emails without appearing pushy.

More Than a First Name Basis

One basic email marketing strategy that many people overlook is beautiful in its simplicity: Addressing prospects by their first names. This strategy has to do with psychological conditioning. From years of sifting through emails, people have already gotten used to ignoring emails that don’t feature their names because of all the junk emails and spam out there! Even emails that don’t have a personalized greeting (Hello so-and-so, etc.) are typically disregarded and tossed in the trash almost immediately. Psychological studies have demonstrated that people are particularly good at picking their own name out of a cluster of random audiovisual stimuli. By using the prospect’s first name, you immediately grab their attention and stand out from all the other emails in their inbox. However, using the recipient’s first name is only the beginning of personalizing your email campaign.

Get to the Point!

So many Internet marketers fail to get to the point of their pitch, even when they’ve nicely personalized their emails. This is a mistake, naturally. Most people are subscribed to a number of different email lists and receive dozens of Emails every day. Nobody has time to read that many emails in-depth, so people skim instead. Even after you have personalized your emails, it can be very difficult to maintain the attention of your recipient for a meaningful amount of time–which puts all the more emphasis on getting to the point as soon as possible. In spite of your email personalization, you’re never really in the clear, since just one misstep in your text body can send the email hurtling into the trash. To guard against this, just get to your pitch right off the bat.

The Importance of Your Company Logo

In any email marketing campaign, there is nothing worse than failing to include just your logo (and your logo alone) in the email. Your company’s logo ought to be the one and only thing your recipient sees. To ensure this, make sure that the email marketing campaign software allows you to put your personalized logo on the email and nothing else. Research has shown that recipients who believe they’re receiving a form letter (read: non-personalized) from some email program won’t bother to continue reading the entire email, thus wasting your marketing efforts. Human beings are extremely hypersensitive to being made to feel like they’re the only ones who matter.

Email marketing is tricky business. Incorporate all of these tips into your next campaign, and you will have succeeded in the art of personalizing your outbound marketing emails without coming across as too pushy. The key to successful marketing is learning to spot that fine line between a highly personalized campaign and one that borders on being excessively pushy. After all, while the average email recipient does appreciate having a personalized email arrive, he will draw the line if it is too pushy.

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