Get to know how to write a perfect essay for 15 minutes

Get to know: how to write a perfect essay for 15 minutes

It is always difficult for students to write perfect essays. Some of them fail to achieve desired results, while the others are forced to hand their projects over to the academic writing companies. Honestly speaking, it does not take more than 15 minutes to write a 550-word essay on a topic assigned. So rather than hiring someone and paying them heavily for the services, you should bear in mind the following things and be assured of quality.

  1. Plan your content and choose the topic

Take the first two minutes to decide the topic and plan the content. For example, if you have decided to write a poem summary, then be quick and read the poem as well as understand its meaning, followed by planning of the content, meaning how you want to describe the poem. It would not take more than 2-3 minutes if you are expert enough to research the topic along with its content.

  1. Begin writing

Once everything is planned, then you should not waste any more time and begin writing. Make sure the introduction of your essay is powerful and informative, telling the whole story in a few lines. Do not forget to write the thesis statement in this section, followed by supporting examples in the body section of your essay. Last but not the least, the conclusion of the essay should summarize everything perfectly, and it should be to the point.

  1. Add proper references

You should never submit your essay without adding proper, relevant references. It would be great if you format it in APA or MLA style and add references at the end of the essay, with in-text citations throughout the paper. Without this section, you are likely to be caught due to plagiarism issues, so it is a must part of a quality essay.

  1. Edit and proofread

It would not take you more than a few minutes to edit and proofread the essay. Without it, you should not submit it to the teacher as the chance is that your essay has a significant number of mistakes because everything was written hurriedly.

  1. Revision

Sometimes the teachers send papers back and ask students to revise them based on the feedback. Rather than taking too much time for the correction, you should do it within a minute or two and save your time and energy. While revising the paper, you should not forget to remove the errors that your teacher had complained about.

  1. Seek help wherever needed

It is apparent that you would have to take ideas from the internet or seek the help of a friend, senior or teacher. You should be quick at that. If neither your friend nor the teacher is available, then consulting the online books and journals would save your time. You just have to continue working by putting all obstacles behind.

Conclusion – Practice on a daily basis

If you are struggling with writing quality essays in 15 minutes, then you should develop writing skills by practicing on a regular basis. Once you return from the college and finish your home projects, you should give yourself at least half an hour for practice. During this time, you can write on any topic and try to be fast. Doing regular practice can make your essays look perfect, and you can be assured of success in a long-run.

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