Five Lead Generation Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Lead generation is an art form that you should learn to master as quickly as possible. After all, it’s not enough to run a business based on referrals and your relatively small circle of family and friends. This means that it’s really all about the leads, if you want a business that thrives and keeps growing. Here are five common lead generation mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Wasting Money on Questionable Marketing Activities

Image advertising and immoderate graphic design are two examples of wasteful spending on activities that fail to produce a return on investment or are simply vanity exercises. Let’s say you run an ad in a small business journal; its readers will view it, but these are not guaranteed customers. This is an example of general awareness ads that barely provide any return on investment. Instead, focus money on tactics that offer a high return on investment.

2. Failure to Include an Obvious Call to Action

In marketing, a call to action is always highly important. Your ads are going to fail without a clear call to action at the end of the piece! Make sure the benefit of your offer is apparent in your ad and that the call to action (“click to request information”) is clear. Most people won’t, usually, go from looking at your ad to becoming a lead without a strong call to action in the same ad.

3. Failure to Sustain Long-Term Implementation

Though you might desire to decrease the length of the sales cycle, it takes time to purchase trust-based and complex services. Leads have to be nurtured over the long term, yet too many business owners become impatient and fail to adhere to their lead-implementation campaign, which is a long-term plan any way you cut it. Instead of rushing this, implement such a campaign over many months to make it work and see success.  Long-term implementation also allows you to fully test your marketing paths and landing pages, which in turn ensure that users are interacting with your most optimized campaign (and hopefully increasing the odds of users becoming leads!)

4. Depending on Just One Tactic

There are concepts called “first string” marketing tactics, which include efforts such as speeches given at client industry get-togethers and smaller scale seminars. There are also secondary marketing tactics such as cold calling and direct mail efforts. It’s important not to dismiss the secondary marketing tactics, but also incorporate them together in order to get prospects to bite the first string marketing tactics. ¬†Utilize social media, PPC, SEO, email, and warm-call transfers to find the best mix of media to achieve your lead generation goals.

5. Dropping and Failing to Nurture Leads

Research shows that as much as 80 percent of all leads are never followed up! This means lost business! This can also mean that they are dropped or just mismanaged in some fashion. Professional services businesses are especially blameworthy when it comes to dropped leads. These businesses already have plenty of in-house leads, but they always fail to call them. Instead, you should come up with a long-term nurturing plan to secure all prospects.

These five lead generation mistakes will kill your incoming business. Note that it only takes small and simple adjustments to turn wasted leads into fulfilled opportunities. A good amount of flexibility is also necessary to stop wasting leads, as is never relying on just one lead generation tactic.

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