About NI

Neutron was founded in 2005 by close friends Shaun Ritchie and Dan Caffee. Built around a culture that encourages dreaming big, working hard, and giving smart driven people the freedom to do what they do best, Neutron has grown from a scrappy startup to a successful and award winning Inc. 500 company and was recently voted one of the Best Companies to Work For by employees through the Utah Business Magazine.

The Neutron Way

The driving force behind Neutron has and always will be it's people. We hire the best so we can be the best, and we push ourselves to do the hard things by exploring new ideas and pushing the envelope of what is possible. We create solutions before there is ever a problem. We lead by example and challenge ourselves to be better at what we do every day. By being great, Neutron has become known for providing technology solutions that are far advanced beyond the competition.

Our Team


Dan Caffee


Dan Caffee founded Neutron Interactive in 2005 with Shaun Ritchie. As CEO, Dan fuels Neutron’s creative strategy and technology directives. He is rarely found in his own office, but in animated conversations with team members throughout the office. Dan is known for his many mantras, including “Don’t mistake opportunities for obstacles,” as well as his penchant for unconventional ideas and solutions.


Shaun Ritchie


Shaun Ritchie has worked with Dan in the lead generation space since 2002. Co-founding Neutron Interactive in 2005, Shaun manages the intricate workings of the company’s operations – bringing structure to the creative process. From developing employee policy to overseeing Neutron’s financial performance, Shaun ensures that Neutron runs smoothly while never taking itself too seriously.


Felicia Call

Director of Client Relations

For over 7 years, Felicia Romney has played a key role in driving the growth and development of Neutron Interactive, establishing and nurturing relationships within the higher education industry. Her lively personality and experience in lead generation enables her to quickly establish a positive working rapport and thoroughly understand the needs of her clients. Under her direction, Neutron boasts having the most responsive client services team in the industry.


Ryan Kempema

Director of Partner Relations

Hidden talent

I can drum pretty well on the steering wheel.


What do you wish you invented? 

The Flux Capacitor – It’s what makes time travel possible.


Favorite car? 

The Ecto-1


Michael Jonaitis

Director of Technology

Favorite thing about Neutron Interactive.

Helicopters, helicopters, helicopters …. and the awesome people that fly them.


Dream vacation destination?

Jurassic Park.


If you had a super power what would it be?

I could turn KFC coleslaw into mac n’ cheese with a snap of my fingers.

Client Services

Adam Fullmer

Account Manager

If you had a super power what would it be?

I would be able to fly.


Mac or PC?

Mac of course.


Night owl, or early bird?

Night owl


Cats or dogs?



Naverjon Van Wormer

Partner Manager / QA Analyst

Favorite car?

By far the Toyota Supra is my favorite car


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Hot Wings ♥


Favorite quote

You just gotta send it


Hidden talent?

Downhill Mountain biking


Zack Petersen

Marketing Manager

Favorite quote

“‘Well there is only one piece of advice I can give you,’ said the wisest of the wise men. ‘The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world, and never forget the drops of oil in the spoon’.” – The Alchemist


How many countries/or states have you visited?

States: 22 (very few on the east coast) Countries: 12 – In Central & North America, Asia, and the Middle East – I’ve never been to Europe! 🙁


What’s your guilty pleasure?

Sour Straws



Mickey Schwarz

Software Engineer

Favorite thing about Neutron Interactive.

The creative, collaborative work environment.


What do you wish you invented?

Skis. Plain and simple.


Favorite car?

1998 Subaru WRX 22B STi.


Kevin Bigelow

Interactive Design Specialist

Favorite thing about Neutron Interactive.

Working with such awesome and talented people. I love designing and building new things with this crew. Neutron also provides the ability to grow, learn, and take on new responsibilities; it’s a great place to thrive.


Favorite quote

Growing a beard is a habit most natural, scriptural, manly, and beneficial.


Hidden talent



Ben Poynor

Intern Developer

Dream Vacation Destination

The Swiss Alps


Favorite Quote

“I’m the best there is the best there ever was, I wake up in the morning, and I piss excellence” -Ricky Bobby


Night Owl or Early Bird?

Night Owl

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